Emergency Oxygen Kit

Part #: 20-15, Model #: JBC-EOK-02
Price: $4,279.88


(2) Jumbo "D" Aluminum O2 Cylinders

(1) Removable Cylinder Carrier

(10) Surgical Lubricant Packets

(2) O2 Non-Rebreathable Mask w/Bag & Tubing

(6) Pair Nitrile Exam Gloves

(2) Rhino O2 Regulators, (Shock Resistant)

(4) Spare Rubber "O" Rings For Regulators

(2) Nasopharyngeal Airway (28fr)

(2) Oropharyngeal, Guedel, Medium

(2) Oropharyngeal, Guedel, Large

(2) Yankauer Bulb Tip Without Vent

(2) Micro BVM

(1) Impact Model 320 Portable Suction Device

(1) 800cc Suction Canister

(1) Manual Suction

This kit is assembled in the durable JBC Grab & Go case system with wheels and an extendable handle for easy transport. The case is equipped with a removable cylinder carrier that accommodates a standard or jumbo aluminum D oxygen cylinder, or equivalent sized carbon fiber cylinders. A custom closed-cell foam liner neatly organizes and protects the contents. The lid is outfitted with removable clear pouches that store oxygen masks, tubing and supplies. The pouches are constructed of a durable, non-yellowing vinyl allowing easy identification of the contents. Contains both mechanical and manual aspirating/suction devices, and associated equipment. Standard equipment includes JBC Corp's exclusive case lighting system that is NVG friendly and does not interfere with your night vision.

Dimensions: 17" H, 22" W, 10.5" D

Weight: 55 lbs