Fanny Pack/Combat Life Saver

Part #: 10-11, Model #: JBC-FP/CLS-03-STD
Price: $1,311.67


(3) Nasopharyngeal Airway (28fr) with Lube

(3) Decompression Needle, 14g x 3.25"

(4) QuikClot Combat Gauze, Z-Fold

(3) TK4-L Tourniquet

(2) SOF-T Tourniquet

(2) Bolin Chest Seal

(10) 4" x 4" Sterile Gauze

(6) Compressed Gauze (S-Fold)

(2) CamoVat Triangular Bandage

(2) Thin-H Compression Bandage

(1) Big Cinch Abdominal Dressing

(1) 4" Elastic Bandage

(2) 6" Elastic Bandage

(2) H Compression Bandage

(1) 1.5" Adhesive Tape

(1) 2" Adhesive Tape

(1) Aluminum Splint, Large

(2) Combat Medic Tape

(5) Pair Nitrile Gloves, Large

(1) Trauma Shears with Gear Keeper

(3) Patient Triage Card

(1) Triage Guidelines Card

(1) Red Field Pen

The JBC Fanny Pack is a highly resourceful Combat Life Saver pack that is designed to secure around the waist and provide easy access to critical life saving medical supplies. The belt wings are contoured and secure with dual compression straps and a double adjustable waist buckle. This design provides a close fit to the body, which helps improve balance and overall pack functionality. The pack opens away from the operator allowing immediate access to the zippered compartments. All medical supplies are the most up to date required items to render combat casualty care.

Dimensions: 8" H, 12.5" W, 7" D

Weight: 6.6 lbs