SlimLine™ Trauma Pack

Part #: 10-39, Model #: JBC-SLT-01
Price: $1,479.35


  • Bleeding and Hemorrhage Control
  • Basic Wound Management
  • Basic and Intermediate Airway Recovery
  • Burn Care
  • IV Administration
  • Vital Signs Assessment
  • The SlimLine™ Trauma pack was designed by FirstSpear™ as a low profile, lightweight pack. Every feature incorporated in this pack is designed to be versatile to meet the end-user's mission and load out requirements. The pack incorporates a bungee panel to secure odd and multiple sized items, or loaded with critical equipment that can be removed and tossed to assisting person when treating multiple casualties. A large zippered pocket is accessible from both inside and outside the pack. Three internal pouches are packed with critical care items and can also be easily removed and tossed to assisting personnel. The pack is equipped with a carry handle and concealed shoulder straps that tuck out of the way if not needed.

    Dimensions: 17" H, 11" W, 5.5" D

    Weight: 7.5 lbs